Diksha – The Initiation

Diksha (Sanskrit: दीक्षा, dīkṣhā) is a procedure of initiating a disciple by a Guru in order to follow the traditional spiritual discipline.  The word in Sanskrit etymology is derived from the Sanskrit root dā (to give) plus kṣi (to destroy) or alternately from the verb root dīkṣ (to consecrate) or the letter ‘dī’ signifies the realization of the divine wisdom and the ‘kṣhā’ indicates annihilation of the ignorance. Obtaining Diksha from an ascetic (Bramachari) is good, and from a virtuous householder is better, and from a Monk (Sanyasi) is far better, but Diksha from a Paramahamsa Sanyasi is the best of all. Without proper diksha from a Guru, one does not attain realization.

Diksha is of various types, Mantra Diksha, Tantric Diksha, Shaktipat Diksha, Yoga Diksha etc. with different objectives, and are given by different procedures: through sight, touch and word etc. DIksha is the greatest gift a Guru can give to his disciple as a kindle of light, as a seed of grace, as a transmission of pure love.

Mantra Diksha

Mantra Diksha is a process of giving a sacred utterance, mystical sound, or a syllable, word, phonemes, or group of words to awaken the dormant power. Accordingly, to the choice of disciple or of the Guru, the mantra is initiated with different objectives of different deities.

Shaktipat Diksha

Shaktipat is the grace descended by Guru to his disciple as a blessing for the mystical journey of spiritual world.  The infusion of energy from the Siddha Guru to his disciple bring an awakening of the inherent spiritual power, the Kundalini. Shaktipat is highly praised in the tantric and yogic scriptures as a grace and initiation that awakens the folded Kundalini Shakti within, which leads to the process of inner awakening towards the inner realms. Few chosen ones are eligible for the Shaktipat Initiation in our tradition.

Shree Vidya Diksha -Tantra Diksha

Of all the tantras Shree Tantra is the Queen tantra, the most mystical and the most occult. Linear to all other tantras so far, the Shree Tantra always has remained in the crown, not only with the tantric ground but as well with the yogic, philosophical and ritual aspects. This single tantra describes all.

It is said only with the will of the very deity an aspirant is initiated in this vidya. Shree Vidya Diksha is a Kram diksha, which means it is given in stepwise order of mantras, starting from one syllable to the advanced multi syllable mantras. A earnest  and intense aspirant takes about 12 years time of study and practice to become a master of Shree Vidya. Swamiji is a unique Shree Vidya practitioner with deep knowledge of this tantra, its mystical meanings and enigmatic understanding of this occult science. He is in the lineages of Shakaracharya tradition from Singeri Math.  For the best aspirants, Swamiji has initiated many in this vidya tradition.

BagalaMukhi Vidya Diksha – Tantra Diksha

Out of The Ten Great Vidyas of Tantra, the eighth Vidya under Shree family is the BagalaMukhi Vidya. This is the great historical “Brama Astra Vidya” praised in the Indian history as well in Tantric world. The Brama Astra Vidya means the great weapon of destruction in the Universe, destruction of external and internal enemies that are hindrances of life – gross or subtle, spiritual or material.  No other yet know deity or mantra can face this tantric weapon, and its examples are popularly seen in the great epic of MahaBharat. This vidya always had remained concealed in the tradition and hidden as well in the tantric texts, and until today only in lineages given through mouth to ear tradition by Guru to a disciple with its complete unsealing methods and rituals.

As of the Shree Vidya, this Vidya as well is a Kram Vidya given in stepwise manner from one syllable to final multi syllables of Five Astra Vidyas.

Swamiji has done significant researches and studies to achieve this occult knowledge and had attended many tantra schools to obtain its complete traditional wisdom. Swamiji belongs to the Datiya Peeth lineages for this Vidya.

Yoga Diksha

Yoga is an eight limbs structure philosophy that aims to the enlightenment (Kaivalya) through Samadhi. Other than theoretical yoga, the practical aspect of yoga had always remained hidden and secreted in Himalaya tradition.  From Yogi to Yogi, in Guru-disciple tradition so far until today the deeper spiritual meaning of yoga is transferred which leads to the salvation from birth and death. An aspirant can attain the highest goal if one pursues the systematized eight steps. Swamiji’s unique revealing in yoga philosophy is not only enigmatical but as well empirically modern. The Yoga Dikhsa is given to the beginner as well for the advanced Yogi accordingly to their eligibility.

Kechari Mudra Diksha

Kechari Mudra is most mystical and most advance mudra in Yoga. It is a yogic technique of folding and placing the tongue into the nasal cavity.  Practitioner of this mudra is rare, and yogis who have successfully mastered in it are rarest.  Swamiji is an advanced kechari mudra practitioner and have successfully mastered in it with years of vigorous practices; he was able to collect all the existing techniques that were being practiced traditionally in yogic and tantric world from all different sects and lineages.  This mudra is highly praised not only in Yoga and Tantra but as well in Upanisads and Veda. Well known in the yogic world as a mudra for drinking the nectar of ambrosia that flows from the crown of head. Just mastering in this mudra is enough for a yogi to accomplish Samadhi and awakening of Kundalini. Swamiji initiates in Kechari Mudra order for a genuine and earnest seekers who are seeking higher and advanced attainments in Yoga and Samadhi.

Brahmachari Diksha

An Ascetic who decides to pursuit the monastic life and want to get entrance into the life of renunciation is granted the Naishtika Brahmachari Dikhsa. Accordingly to their eligibility they are given saffron or white robes. This is a diksha given prior to the Sannyasa Diksha where the Brahmachari prepares himself through study, meditation, service, and practices extreme self-denial or self-mortification in order to achieve self-realization under his Guru lineages.

Sannyasa Diksha

The Bramachari who is competent to change the contemporary time in which he lives is granted the Sannyasa Diksha. The highest order of all the dikshas – the Paramahamsa Sannyasa Diksha. An unique individual who was able realized the ultimate truth and able to penetrate all the trials of spiritual tests; who is capable of holding the torch of the tradition for to continue the lineages as a light in the world is granted with this most honorable initiation.