Mission : Awakening with Paramahamsa Chidananda

Awakening with Paramahamsa Chidananda is a global mission leaded by Swamiji for earnest and serious aspirants worldwide with an aim of Self- Realization and Inner Awakening. Embracing all three major streams – Vedanta, Yoga and Tantra, the mission aims of preaching the traditional teachings of eastern philosophy and spirituality with modern approaches.

Self Inquiry Meditation:

The technique of Self-Inquiry is called Atama- Anusandhan in Sanskrit, is the most preferred meditation practice in the Vedantic tradition. It is the shortest and easiest way of Self-realization or liberation through vigorous inquiry of the own Self. The technique follows the unique practice of discrimination and detachment towards the non-Self, and by discarding what one is not and embracing what one is the practitioner easily and swiftly can scrutinize the Self from the non-Self, which eventually leads to the Self-realization. Complemented with significant learning and studies of Vedanta philosophy and ideology, the Self-inquiry meditation is the shortest and easiest approach of Self-Realization.

Samadhi Meditation:

The Yoga emphasis Samadhi, a deep meditative state attained with purification of mind and body through the eight limbs of Yoga know as the Astanga Yoga. These stepwise discipline and meditative techniques supplemented with Hatha Yoga, Kirya Yoga and Dhayna Yoga leads a Yogi to the state of seedless Samadhi resulting the ultimate super conscious state a being can attain – the Emancipation or the Absolute.

Tantra Meditation:

Tantra is the union of Shiva and Shakti. The Shakti that resides as a dormant serpent power in the perennial chakra called Muladhara chakra is awakened to unify it with the Shiva who dwells in the crown chakra called Shaharsara chakra. This mystical art of awakening the Kundalini piercing all the chakras and bindus through various Tantric meditation, ritual, techniques practiced in Tartra meditation. Again, when the Tantra inherited through tradition, it inevitably leads to the Heroic state (Birbhava) and Cosmic state (Divyabhava) of consciousness from the Slavery state (Dashabhava).