I wandered very long in this quest,
In the quest of searching the face of God,
Through deserts, mountains, and oceans,
I searched for answers far and abroad.

I sought Him in the holy books,
In the temples, mosques, and shrines,
I prayed and meditated for long hours,
Hoping to find His sign.

And one day the wonder happened,
That day I found a mirror,
And in its reflection, I saw His face,
And my soul filled with wonder.

For in that mirror, I saw myself,
And in myself, I saw Him too,
For He was not far away from me,
But within me shining through.

I realized then that all along,
I had been searching in the wrong place,
For God was not out there somewhere,
But within me in His full grace.

So, I put down my weary feet,
And embraced the truth within,
For I had found what I had been seeking,
In the reflection of my own skin.
~Sw. Chidananda Tirtha