love fire









The day I broke my heart in order to surrender my soul,
I have seen God as the blazing flame of love,
I have seen God as the burning fire of light.
He touched me with his fiery fingers and torch me into the fire,
He embraced me with his burning arms and turn me into the flame,
He hold me with his blazing soul and blaze my soul into the light.
Since then, I am blazing unceasingly with this flame of love,
I am burning continuously in this fire of light.
Whatever I touch, it turns to fire,
Whatever I see, it turns to light,
Whatever I think, it turns to flame,
Whatever I love, it turns to love itself.
I met dark and it became dawn,
I met night and it became day,
I met death and it became life,
I met love and it became love itself.
I swallowed poison and it became ambrosia,
I drank wine and it became wisdom,
I wrote words and it became songs,
I loved life and it became love itself.
I was dreaming and I became awakened,
I was sane and I became insane,
I was ignorant and I became enlightened,
I was in love and I became love itself.
Love is my religion,
Love is my creed,
Love is my caste,
Love is my heart and my soul,
Love is my mind and my spirit.
I am the slave of love and love is my master,
I am the master of love and love is my slave,
I worship love and love worships me,
I am in love with love and love is in love with me.
~Sw. Chidananda Tirtha