Paramahamsa Swami Chidananda Tirtha is a self-realized mystic, a yogi and an enlightened Guru. He is a unique master of Vedanta, Tantra and Yoga in a five thousand year old traditional order of Sannyasins. Born in 16-May-1976, he academically Graduated and discontinued his further studies in order to pursuit his spiritual quest. He then joined Gurukul for traditional studies and had studied from fundamental to advanced studies of eastern philosophies and doctrines with very strong authority over most of these sects.

Initiated by his Guru at the young age of 18,  in recognition of his prodigy and phenomenal awareness and deep understanding. Swamiji has followed and practiced all sort of mystical practices. He had visited numerous holy places and had met many spiritual contemporary Gurus all over the India. A well-read and well-versed person in orthodox and neo philosophies, he belongs to many spiritual lineages from different orthodox sects and schools. He stands as a unique Guru with unique wisdom and comprehension of eastern philosophies and mystical enlightenment.

Swamiji is uniquely and extensively qualified contemporary spiritual teacher and Guru with the rare and honored title Paramahamsa (one who has achieved the highest level of realization and union with God) that has been bestowed upon him by his peers.

Vedanta  and other Orthodox Studies: Swamiji had completed his traditional Vedanta studies in Kashi from Sanskrit Grammar, Astrology, Naaya Sastra, Parastrantrayi, and Brihad Prasthanatrayi with contemporary scholars in Kashi.

Tantra Studies: Swamiji is well adept in the field of right hand tantra that is known as the Dakṣiṇācāra tantra. He was initiated by Swami Tarkeshworanda Tirtha, Sri Suresh Baba, Sri Kalu Pandit Sastri, etc. in various doctrine (vidyas) of the tantra streams. He is one of the unique practitioner of the Shree Vidya and the Bagala Vidya. Other than yogic and ritualistic approach, Swamiji has strong proficiency in tantric philosophical aspect as well.

Yoga Studies: Swamiji is a traditional yoga practitioner of Patanjali system of yoga, with well command and understanding of yoga aphorisms and its commentaries. He is a yogi who has gone through all the limbs of yoga. His many decades regular practice of mediation had brought him to a deep state of Samadhi, which can be felt being in presence with him. Bengali Baba (Gongotri), Kaptad Baba (Nepal), Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati (Rishikesh), Yogananda Paramahnsa (Kirya Yoga) and more are the yoga Gurus and traditions and techniques he follows and practices.

Swamiji’s beautiful and blissful poems and quotes, philosophical and logical articles and discourses, and sublime and serene thoughts and talks, reflect the love of Rumi, the depth of Gibran, the sanity of Buddha and the logics of Shankara.