My reasons are blind,
So is my mind,
But my love is wise,
And my heart so kind.

My ego wants to conquer all,
But my love wants to lose,
My heart wants to fall,
But my mind wants to refuse.

This world is so mean,
It knows not what through I been,
For you I would have committed in,
Even if it was a sin.

But now time is so less,
For me to say yes,
And to confess,
The cruse that was the bless.

Though desires are so dear,
But I have to fear,
As death approaching near,
And distance so unclear.

So, my dear, we will reunite again,
Under the thunder, lightning, or in the rain,
Or through the midst of wild hurricane,
But with the love the same.

O my dear, we will meet again,
In some another plane,
By another name,
Yet with the love the same.
~Sw. Chidananda Tirtha

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